Maj. T J Dunn, III, gets some needed respite in a favorite reading spot.

Writing...             Articles published in dozens of print and online venues
                                   Veterinary medical content editor
                                 Dog World Magazine feature articles, former columnist for 8 years
                              Website content writing such as
                          Contributor to CSI TV show relating to veterinary care information and issues
                       More details of published articles here

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Strange... I received Cs and Ds in high school English.  My major writing assignments always turned out rather brief and fractured.  The Junior Thesis that was supposed to be volumes long with precise footnotes and documentation and which accounted for 75% of the final grade was five handwritten pages and backed by, ahhh, let's see... three footnotes.

Went to college where the fear of failure absolutely powered me to focus on learning rather than on  studying, which I discovered in 3rd Grade was boring and avoidable.  I received two A grades in college English and discovered an outlet for accumulated real and imagined mental footnotes.

As a veterinarian I strove to communicate with pet owners in terms they could easily grasp.  Plus, I had a strong interest in nutrition and how a proper diet truly impacted the health of our pets.  So I wrote an article for Gun Dog Magazine back in 1986, submitted it unsolicited, and was shocked when the editor called me to praise the article and photos and asked me to submit a few more articles!  Oh, if only Mrs. Grater (high school English teacher) could see me now!

Encouraged, I contacted several other pet related magazines and the eventual reward was writing  Dog World Magazine's monthly newsletter originally written by my partner and friend, Rory Foster, DVM.  More articles and images were published in several other pet related publications.

Then along came something everyone called the Internet.  I began utilizing my own websites, such as, for writing articles and posting images.  This led to employment by as Director of Veterinary Services and chief content provider for, which the company purchased from me back in 1999.

The power of a single word, placed within specific context, is staggering.  A single well-chosen word triggers the imagination for good or ill, awakens people to action, drives competition and engenders love or hate.  Words can describe the indescribable for us human beings who are trapped within our humble genetic determiners as we reach out to understand and explore our neighborhood... the infinite universe.*

*  Footnotes: