My background...

Website creation,
     Ccntent writing,
          Affiliate marketing
                  Domain name inventory and sales
                         Search engine optimization (SEO)

Created, a division of
...and no end point in sight.

I sold my last animal hospital in 1997 because I needed time to explore other ways to make a living while exercising a need to express myself in a more creative atmosphere.  I knew I wanted to continue giving dog and cat owners good advice regarding pet health care and my photographic work and writing activities pushed me toward an interest in the new computer interface called “web sites”.

I had seen a few websites on the rare computers that were connected to “the Internet”, a mysterious non-entity that connected numerous computers together via phone lines, much like a telephone party line.  I met Jim Hext, an entrepreneurial young man who knew how to make web sites and connect computers to the Internet.  He even had his own website,, for his design business and he answered my many questions about how, what and why websites can display my information… text and pictures… to anyone who is “connected”. 

As if a bolt of lightning struck, I straightened up in my chair, my eyes opened wide, and with trembling difficulty I asked, “Are you telling me that I can write an article on my computer and even include a picture for illustration and publish it from my website and anyone in the world can see it immediately on their own computer monitor?!”

“Yup," he said.  And my life changed drastically at that moment of enlightenment. 

“Jim”, I said, “this is the most revolutionary communication method since the invention of smoke signals!”  I was hooked… and began an ongoing odyssey through the digital wilderness of the human intellect.  I immediately purchased a state of the art computer with a 2 (that’s two) gigabyte hard drive.  After a frustrating start up effort trying to grasp the unintuitive mechanics of making a computer behave, I delved into creating  I purchased several hundred domain names as an investment, learned that affiliate websites grab targeted viewers and generate income while I am fishing or sleeping, and earned income by making websites for clients.

With my interest in writing and photography finding expression via the Internet environment, I've discovered there remains an infinitely unattainable horizon for which to strive.  With most goal-setting or objective-seeking there is a finite, definable end zone.  However, as with the darkness down the seemingly endless road in the image above, in the world of the Internet there is no horizon, no end point, no matter the direction you take.  Limits to what can be communicated by the sender and obtained and understood by the receiver are constrained only by the boundaries of our human intellect.